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The Arizona summer always scorches, & the last thing you want to deal with Is your home being too hot for a comfortable nights rest.. & have no control over it! Small issues over time may turn catastrophic due to negligent maintenance on your unit(s). Economic Maintenance prevents that. With our packages, rest assure we take the proper procedures & techniques to deliver quality in our labor & maximum performance for your cooling systems.

No matter how minor the issue might have started out, the more extensive that damage will become until eventually your cooling system breaks down altogether. It becomes way more costly & nobody wants that of course. Here are some common issues to avoid repairs:

  • Clogged air conditioner filters
  • Dirty coils
  • Overworked compressor fans
  • Refrigerant leaks (diagnosis)
  • Obstruction of liquids or materials
  • Overcharging
  • Frozen coils

During maintenance, our HVAC Technicians properly inspects your AC unit(s). During this process, we secure all components are functioning properly & adjust, tighten, calibrate & lubricate as needed. We'll also recommend for any repairs so you can schedule them at your convenience with a local family-owned business rather than waiting until you have a full breakdown and hoping you can have an HVAC professional come in right away.

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